Resonance Therapy

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Crystal Therapy Bowls (most commonly known as Tibetan Singing Bowls) are used as audio therapy and are becoming internationally recognized as an effective tool in the healing process of for your physical, emotional and spiritual being as well as stress related conditions. Their vibrations and tones create a rich and unique experience that will alter your physical and spiritual being in a powerful and ultimatly soothing way. 

Their resonance is said to align your physical, emotional, and spiritual energies which when aligned create the perfect opportunity for inner healing. This is an effective and proven method that uses sound vibrations to help reduce stress, alter consciousness and create a deep sense of peace, and better health. When combined with sound, personal intention or "faith", in the form of mantras, prayer or affirmation can greatly increase the vibrations and thus effect the healing process.

People experience many stresses in life and thus develop conditions or become physically or emotionally ill as a result from not dealing with these issues properly. Resonance helps memory, attention, enhances creativity, gives you the ability to take action 

in your life and promotes the process of self transformation, overcoming depression, and also reverses insomnia.

Sound has been shown to be a vital part of the healing process for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and side effects especially for pain relief management. Modern medicine can now measure and confirm the practice of sound as a means to promote healing. Resonance vibrations are a type of “energy medicine” that can heal people from other stress disorders, pain, 

and depression. In addition to pain relief you will feel a deeper sense of happiness and overall well being.

It aides in healing the effects of discomfort from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and depression, improves memory, clarity, vitality and the ability to take action. There are reports of out of body experiences, deep sense of tranquility, better sleep and you can feel the effects of their treatment for several days. This creates a strong mind/body connection and improves the ability to heal.

People have used these bowls attain ultimate meditation, gain clarity on a spacific issue, re-vitalize their spirit or just feel more connected to the universe. This kind of audio therapy induces deep meditative and peaceful states, promotes clarity of mind and intuition. They can also be used to clear your home or office of negative energy, revitalize and energize your intention for the space.

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